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January 12, 2020


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Tips on How to Control Household Pests

Pests are living organisms, whether animals or plant that invade people or animals and causes troubles. However, a living organism can be a pest in one place but beneficial in another place. For example, some weeds are food to honeybee but a venom to livestock. House pests are living organisms that causes trouble to people in their houses. Example of house pest includes, rat, mice, mites, cockroaches, fire ant sting etc. Household pests adversely affect the health of people.

It is risky to have pests in the house because they may cause some risky diseases. The most common carriers of disease are rat, cockroaches and mosquitoes. In addition to diseases, some pests also carries venom. Other may carry allergen which may cause allergic reaction which is a health emergency. Finally, pests may cause structural damages to the house. If wood is not treated with pesticide, they may be destroyed and this may translate to high cost of repair. It is advantageous to control pests because of many problems associated with them. There are various ways in which house pests can be managed. Pest control can either be done by hired pest management firms such as Reynolds Pest Management or eliminate them by the house owner himself.

When starting to manage pests, the first thing is to know the kind of pest in the house. House owners can either manage pest by themselves or hire firms such as Reynolds Pest Management after identifying the kind of pest in the house. As soon as the pest is identified, it should be denied access to food and water immediately. Ripe fruits such bananas should be removed. Since pest depend on water for survival, it is important to keep the house dry and any leak in the water pipes should be repaired immediately.

Another crucial thing that will control pests is the cleanness of the living structure. This ensures that pest do not find a hiding place in the house. It is important to wash household pets regulary. Pests in the living structure can be controlled by regular vacuuming the house while vacuuming more on the pest hiding points. Electrical appliance in the house should be cleaned regularly because there are some pests that hides in these appliances such radio, TV etc. In the kitchen, the place should be kept clean and foods should be stored in a closed containers. Foods are one of the main thing that attracts pests thus it should be stored in a container that is sealed. Fruits that are ripe should be stored in a freezer or refrigerator.

Denying pest entry into the house is another way of controlling pests. Pest such as rats and mice access living structures through openings in the window, door or cracks. Pest can only be barred from getting to the house by covering opening in the sink, toilet or in pipes. It is only prudent to use less toxic pesticide, if all other methods have failed to eliminate pests. less toxic pesticides are environmental friendly and harmless to people.

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