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March 29, 2020


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A Basic Guide to the Latest Online Slang, SMH

One of the things that you need to know about SMH is that it is not entirely new. In the present, it is not a surprise anymore as to why a lot of people are comfortable using acronyms in their daily conversations. The common reason for acronyms becoming a big hit for many people is that most people use text or online chat as their primary means of communication. Now that people text most days of their lives, they want to find the most concise and quickest way to get their message across. With the help of acronyms, you only need to type a few characters if you want to convey your feelings and thoughts. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to keep up with this language if you are not living with a teenager or simply a teen. Worry not because you are not alone. There are countless other people who have no idea what most acronyms used online and on chat work. If you want to learn more about the internet slang, you should begin learning about these letters that you come across. You may begin understanding the acronym SMH.

For sure, you have come across this acronym, yet what does SMH mean in text? Primarily, the meaning of SMH is Shaking My Head. But then, this acronym generally denotes disapproval, frustration, and exasperation. You can easily use SMH if you don’t approve of what a person does or says to you. Based on most dictionaries, you say SMH when you determine or do something that is so absurd that you are left speechless. There are also other meanings to SMH such as so much hate and stupid-minded humans.

The origins of the acronym SMH are still not that clear compared to other popular acronyms. The Oxford Dictionary, however, determines the early twenty-first century to be the first time that SMH was coined. While the base meaning for SMH is shaking my head, some individuals tend to be more expressive and use other variations of the acronym like SMFH or SMDH. For their meanings, just think of words that begin with D and F that you often say when you want to express yourself.

The use of the acronym SMH applies to varied instances. If you must shake your head literally, then you can use SMH. There are no clear rules as to how you go about using this phrase. You simply use it when you want to express your shock, disgust, disappointment, or disbelief about something. In real life, you can use SMH for a joke, especially when you give your head a shake for a laugh.

There are not a lot of rules of grammar in the use of the internet slang SMH. Though most people tend to use SMH at the beginning of their sentences, it is also common to use them in the middle or the end of your sentences. It is also possible to use SMH in itself.

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